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Out of all the girls I kinda like Monique the most. She is the plump sexy blonde in the last scene if you are not sure on their names. I really like her ass… it’s just so big and round and it looks soft as marshmallows to touch.

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Oh is there anything in this world more drool worthy than a nice big juicy ass right up in your face? I don’t think so. Having been a fan of big girls all my life you better believe this boy appreciates a nice stuffed butt on a girl more than anything. Just like Sirmixalot I give out my number to any plump cutie with an over sized wide load.

The two besties in these pics both have plenty of tail phat. We have both chocolate and vanilla for you in one with these chicks. They both get their generous glutes rubbed up and down with baby oil till those rumps glisten like gold.

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Now this is one seriously hot big girl. Simone Fox has it all for guys that like their ladies big and dark. The black amazon BBW has graced our pages before but it has been a while since we celebrated her bodacious curves. Strap yourselves in then because this new series of pictures from her recent shoot with XL Girls is a hot one!

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She starts out in really sexy red baby doll lingerie. I love fat chicks in this sort of thing because it serves to emphasis their big butts and boobs rather than trying to hide it like most over weight women try to do.

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Once she was fully naked her huge puffy belly bulged out over her pussy. Her co-star waived his big cock around her face and this naughty fatty was hungry for some sausage. She took it her greedy mouth and sucked and slurped away on it like it was the tastiest thing she had ever eaten.

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He got her up on her haunches and that giant ass was all propped and wobbling around like mounds of jello just begging to be riden. He got up close between her mighty thighs and slide his hard cock deep inside her fat fanny. He grabbed hold of her soft saddlebags and rode her obese booty hard.

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