This lady could well be the biggest girl we have ever featured. She is very cute too I gotta say. Apart from her pretty face the first thing I noticed as I began browsing through her pictures was that enormous flabby belly. Now I love a big soft tummy and this girls got one of the sexiest I have ever seen on a SSBBW. It looks so amazingly soft and fluffy. I would love to play with it.

very fat woman

He huge wide ass and fat thighs have the same pillowy soft look about them. If you like cottage cheese this girls gonna be your wet dream come true. Even though it’s probably dangerous to have a fat woman over 500 pounds like her on top of you I think it may well be worth dying for!

jumbo ass

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An awesome set of pics for you this fine day. It features a cute teen plumper named Sapphire. This girl has got truly epic tits. They are huge and real floppers. For guys like me who love big low hangers this girl is like a wet dream come to life. They hang down to her belly button and boy do they look like a whole lot of fun to play with. It’s not usual to see a chick her age to have such saggy udders but I’m glad she does.

huge floppy tits

These pictures are from a hot shoot she did with Feed Her Fuck Her that combines BBWs and food. A magic combination I must say for those that like to watch big girls eating and getting even more plump. Sapphire has a big fattening breakfast of pancakes and croissants but a good fat girl like her always leaves room for sausage!

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Take a look at these pics of her pigging out and stuffing her chubby face while she is riding her mans cock. He even gives her some special sauce for her pancakes when she’s done.

Want to see the full episode containing the HQ video? Then head to the Feed Her Fuck Her site and become a member. You will then see all their sexy BBWs eating and fucking.

I do like a lady in glasses. I have always found the sight of a big woman wearing glasses to be especially arousing. I think it probably relates to my teen years where the librarian at my school was a huge older blonde woman who wore specs all the time. I use to love watching her waddle around. She has a really massive wide ass… a real pear shaped BBW.

sexy mature

I would also stare at her plump juicy calves and thighs every single chance I got. Other boys would laugh and say she was fat and disgusting… but not me. I would jerk off to her just about daily dreaming about her naked. I even remember daring to press against her big fat butt one day as I pretended to try to squeeze past her in an aisle. She gave me a frowned look. I wonder if she felt my boner against her soft ass. Nevertheless it felt magnificent!

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So when I saw these pictures of this big blonde mature I thought of her again. These are just a few preview photos of this lady so if you would like to see a lot more of her then go to the Mature NL. There you will find a huge range of plump milfs, moms and even grannies!

There is something so very very hot about watching a fat girl walk around in just her panties. Especially when the chick in question looks the gorgeous Vanessa. I love the way this white BBW is built. Small but perky tits, a big round belly that pokes out of her blouse and that huge meaty ass and plump thighs. I’m getting a boner just thinking about it. Her ebony girl pal looks sexy too in her zebra skin patterned lingerie.

fat girls in panties

As the two jiggle down the hall to their hotel room I was very much looking forward to seeing them get it on together. They close the door behind them and immediately they are groping each other and tongue kissing as lust overcomes them. The dark girl pulls out her friends titties and sucks on them before moving down her plump body and eating out her fat juicy snatch.

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In the other episode a chubby Chinese girl gets seduced and fucked by two guys at once. She too is very cute and man what a deliciously plump figure she has too. I really enjoyed watching her suck on their big peckers and then get her chubby pussy stuffed by both these strangers dicks.

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Everyday I am constantly amazed that the vast majority of the world seem to worship skinny, stick figure thin women. I have never found them appealing and even as a lad was way more interested in very full figured women. Ladies like the incredibly curvaceous Raquel Grant you see pictured here were the objects on my lust. This girl has a luscious body and I really enjoyed this set of photos she did for XL Girls. Take a look at some samples and see for yourself.

voluptuous girl

Those huge heaving breasts are gonna be the first thing any red blooded man is gonna notice about Raquel. She doesn’t exactly try to hide them… not that you could hide monster tits like hers anyway! Those creamy mounds of joy have a nice natural hang to them and I was getting blue balls watching her press them together and then playfully suck on her nips.

fat bosoms

This chubby chick’s got a nice big can to go with her fat bosoms too. It really gives her that voluptuous shape I like on a big girl. A complete package for sure and even after seeing the full set of pictures she had me wanting more.

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